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How to Duplicate Enrollments

If you need to carry over Enrollments from one year to another, you can copy them along with the Enrollment Period!

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When you duplicate an Enrollment Period, you have the option to not only copy Programs, Classes, and Waitlists, but also Enrollments.

That means at the time of duplication; Enrollees can be copied into the new Enrollment Period inside their Programs and Classes! This is especially useful if you tend to keep the same students year-to-year (or month-to-month), but need to track history in this way.

Follow the steps below to duplicate Enrollments:

Step 1 - Duplicate Icon. Click on your Enrollment Periods, then under the Enrollment Period you want to duplicate, click on the duplicate icon:

Step 2 - Choose Duplicate Enrollments. Choose the options you want (including "Duplicate Enrollments"), then click "Duplicate."

Step 3 - Edit the new Enrollment Period. Click on the pencil icon on the new Enrollment Period and edit the name.

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