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Any field can be either required or not required. "Required" means that the customer must fill out that field at enrollment AND on any E-signature Documents with that field.

Access your Enrollment Form by going to My Company --> Forms --> Enroll Form.

Step 1 - Settings

Click on the gear icon to open up the settings for that field:

open up setting on Enrollsy enroll form field

Step 2 - Toggle Required On

Next, click the toggle beside "Required" in the "on" position:

toggle on required on Enrollsy enroll form field

Click save, and you're done. You will have to do this for EACH field you need to be required to.

Step 3 - Sync E-signature Documents (if applicable)

This is an important step if you CHANGE any fields to or from required! Any E-signature Documents will need to be synced with the Enroll Form for those fields to show up as required (or not required) on the document.

Making a non-required field in the Enroll Form required, or visa versa, will not require you to remap your E-Signature Documents (meaning any work you've done to drag fields onto your forms is unaffected). However, you WILL need to sync these changes to the Document. To do so, follow the steps below:

Access your E-signature Document by going to My Company --> Forms --> Documents

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit the document.

    editor for e-signature document in Enrollsy
  2. Open up the Design Editor for each existing E-Signature Document and scroll down to the bottom.

    changing required status on enroll form field in Enrollsy
  3. Click on "Sync Mappings with Fields" to sync the changed fields to your Document. You will see a green success message that the mappings have been synced.

    sync mappings in Enrollsy

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