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Do This BEFORE Sending an Enrollment Link
Do This BEFORE Sending an Enrollment Link

You will need to have a Location, Enrollment Periods, and a completed Program before you can send out the Enroll Form

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Follow the steps below BEFORE sending out an Enrollment link:

Publish Location(s)

You'll need to have at least one active, published Location. Find out more here: How to edit or publish Location(s)

publishing locations in Enrollsy

Publish Enrollment Period(s)

You must have at least one active, published Enrollment Period. Use the same basic steps above to publish at least one Enrollment Period. Hint, click the cog and click the "eye" to publish an Enrollment Period.

See About Enrollment Periods for more detailed instructions and more information on Enrollment Periods.

publish enrollment period in Enrollsy

Completed Program In The Enrollment Period

You'll need at least one completed Program in that Enrollment Period. Creating a Program completely is an entire post in and of itself. If you have a completed Program, you should have it set up so that a successful enrollment will yield the desired result (including any payments, e-signatures, agreement to terms, etc.).

NOTE: There is an option to hide a Program from the Enroll Form on a specified date. If you entered a date of today or before the Enrollment end date, there won't be any Programs available to enroll in.

Hide program setting in Enrollsy

One Class with a Capacity

If you have the Enforce enrollment capacities setting on (My Company > Enroll Form settings), you will also need at least one Class with a set capacity for each Program you create.

Additional support articles: How to create a Class and How to change Class Capacity.

Activate Merchant Account (Optional)

If you are using Enrollsy for ACH and/or debit/credit card payments and require payment at enrollment, you will need us to activate your merchant account. Contact us at

Activate E-signatures (Optional)

If you are using Enrollsy for E-Signatures, you will need us to activate your E-Sign module. Contact us at

Check the Getting Launched page

When you sign in to Enrollsy and have any indicators similar to the ones below that you cannot remove, contact us before sending your customers a link to your Enroll Form:

  • Trial

  • Test E-Sign

  • Not Published

getting launched page in Enrollsy
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