How Customers Receive Text Messages

Learn how to view and respond to SMS messages sent from Enrollsy

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Transactional and conversational messages are required to have either implied or express consent. Transactional messages are informational, educational, or account-based.

Implied Consent

Implied consent is casual or inferred permission. If you already have a business relationship with a customer, you already have implied consent.

Express Consent

Express consent is an oral or written agreement that applies to transactional messages. Customers can grant this consent through intake forms, email, accepting terms and conditions, written or verbal agreements, or a prior or already-established relationship.

The following is important information about how text messaging works in Enrollsy:

Admins & Instructors

  • Instructors and Admin Users text Primary Account Holders through the Enrollsy app.

  • Admin Users can send texts in a group.

  • Admins and Instructors will receive texts as individual texts.

  • Each company has a phone number when they first sign up with Enrollsy.

  • All messages sent, regardless of what type of user sends them (an Admin, Instructor, or Account Holder), are visible to those entities in the message history on the account.

  • Instructors can’t group text Primary Account Holders.

  • See this support article to manually remove a Primary Account Holder from receiving messages.

  • Admins can view all text messages in the Notification Center in Enrollsy.

Primary Account Holders/Customers

  • Primary Account Holders receive Enrollsy text messages as actual text in whatever Messages app they use (not in the Enrollsy App itself).

  • Primary Account Holders should save this number from their enrolled company.

  • Primary Account Holders receive texts individually (even if the text was sent as a group text).

  • Primary Account Holders can respond as they do regular texts (message and data rates may apply).

  • There is no “opt-out” feature as of the writing of this article. To opt-out of SMS text messages, the Primary Account Holder must notify an Admin User.

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