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Step 11: Create Instructors

Add a name, photo, contact, bio, and role for each Instructor

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Add all of your company's Instructors. These Instructors will later be assigned to specific Classes, but for now, you'll want to put them in the system.

add instructors page in Enrollsy

Here's How:

Select the rocket ship icon at the top-right of the screen and click "My Company." Select the Users tab from the top banner and click on Instructors.

Select the + button on the top-right corner to create Instructors. You'll fill in all relevant Instructor information in the drawer that opens to the right of the screen. This includes the following:

Add Basic Information

  • Picture of Instructor

  • First and Last name

  • Email address to be used for both communication and the instructor’s portal login

  • Cell Phone

  • Bio (enrollees will have access to bio as they select their desired class)

Create Role and Assignments

  • Create roles to categorize and give permission to users. You can create as many roles as you would like. Simply name the role and select which permissions you would like to give.

  • Select the role for Instructor

  • Assign Location(s)

  • Assign Company

  • Select "Add a Login" if you want Instructors to have access to their Instructor Portal

  • Select "Can access all classes" if you want the Instructor to see all Class rosters

instructor role and assignments in Enrollsy

Insert Availability

  • If your use case requires the teacher's schedule to be a part of the Enrollment process, input the Instructor's schedule here.

instructor availability in Enrollsy
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