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I Have a Disability, Can I Use Enrollsy?
I Have a Disability, Can I Use Enrollsy?

Learn how Enrollys can adapt to a variety of disabilities

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Yes! An Accessibility Settings button has been added to Enrollsy, including in the Admin platform, the Instructor portal, and the Customer portal. These settings allow you to control how you see and experience Enrollsy!

To access the Accessibility button, click on the top right corner icon (either a rocket ship if you are not launched or a person icon if you are).

new accessibility button in Enrollsy

A widget will open on the right side. Click on "Accessibility Profiles" at the top to see a variety of specific disabilities.

accessibility widget in Enrollsy

Click the desired Accessibility Profile to activate that Profile. For additional settings, scroll down:

accessibility widget in Enrollsy

Choose the setting to make changes to the app. You can see those changes in real-time as you make them.

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