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Create a Custom Roster with Activities
Create a Custom Roster with Activities

Learn how to add custom Activities to your attendance sheet

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You can print one or more Class Rosters from either the Classes page or the Reports page. This article explains how to print rosters from the Reports page.

Step 1 - Choose Location & Enrollment Period

Go to the Reports page and click on "All Rosters." Choose which Location you want (or choose "All Locations." Then select which Enrollment Period from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 - Filter by Tag(s)

You can also filter the Enrollees who show up on the Roster Sheet by Tag(s).

filter enrollees by tag in attendance sheet in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Configure Roster

In this step, you will configure the dates, columns, and headers, as well as decide if you want to include any Activities.

Class Dates in Roster

Click on the date selector and a calendar will pop up where you can choose your dates. Choose your dates and click OK.

NOTE: Make sure the dates you select are the dates the Class is in session.

Date Columns per Page

Choose which Weekday display preference you want:

  • Daily: One day per page (e.g., selecting Monday-Friday within the same week will be five pages)

  • Weekly: One week per page (e.g., selecting Monday-Friday within the same week will be one page)

  • Monthly: One month per page (e.g., selecting each day within the same month will be one page)

Classes per Roster

Choose the Class display preference you prefer:

  • Single: Each Class has its own roster

  • Multiple: Combine Classes that happen within the same week on the same roster

Configure Columns

To save time, you can have up to three saved header configurations. Toggle between these three headers to see the configuration you have set for each.

Add Header(s)

First, add new Headers to your columns. You can then customize these by doing the following:

  • Edit the labels

  • Increase/decrease the width

  • Add Header to the left or right

  • Remove headers (NOTE: If there is only ONE Header, you cannot remove it; there must be at least one Header)

Change Values

Here you can set the value of the column to any field that is on your Enroll Form. These are listed when you click "Change Values." Just select the box to add the value.

Columns Repeated/Activities

You also have the option to add a column that is repeated per Class date (e.g., Check In/Check Out) and add one or more Activities.

NOTE: This is an unlockable feature, so if you want this feature, please let us know via the chat button).

  • Choose one column (only one column can be under "Columns repeated her date" for Activities to show up).

  • Click "Change Values" and select from your list of Activities. See this support article if you need to create an Activity.

Print Roster

When finished customizing the sheet, click "Submit" then "Print" to print the Roster.

print attendance in Enrollsy


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