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When to Uncheck "Enrollees Can Pick Their Class" Setting on Program Editor
When to Uncheck "Enrollees Can Pick Their Class" Setting on Program Editor

About the class selection setting that allows customers to pick their own class(es)

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When you create a Program under the Classes Enrollment Model, there is a setting that is automatically checked called "Enrollees can pick their class."

When this box is checked (or enabled), it will allow customers to choose one or more Classes on the Enroll Form. However, if this is NOT checked, class assignments will have to be made manually by an admin user after enrollment.

IMPORTANT: If the box is UNchecked, any pricing that is entered under "Total cost of each Class" or on the Classes will NOT show on the Enroll Form. This is because the customer is not choosing the Class, so the system doesn't know how much to charge for each Class. However, any Program Enrollment Fees WILL show because the cost is on the Program, not the Class.

It is best to do this only if you have Program-level fees or the Program has no cost.

If your Program/Classes have pricing, you can do one of the following options:

  1. Check the "Enrollees can pick their Class" option so that pricing shows up. If you only have one Class to choose, that Class will auto-fill on the Enroll Form

  2. Change the Enrollment Model to the "Simple Enrollment Model" and customer will not have to choose a Class.

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