Once you have added a company to Exsalerate add further details via the details tab in the main company dashboard.

Search everything to find the client, open the company dashboard and click Details on the right-hand side of your page

Note: You can update all company details within your Exsalerate account all at once via the bulk data update tool

Edit company/opportunity name on this dashboard and company contact details:

Customizable lists are available within this dashboard and can be tailored to suit your business in the settings menu (admin access only).

Don't forget to add their address, take the time to geo point it via Google Maps as this will save you time on the road via our route optimization tool 

Merge customers by searching for the company you wish to merge into - all contacts, activities will then be merged into that company record as per the below:

Exsalerate will autosave the details when you navigate away from the page

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