Exsalerate displays a range of symbols to represent various activities:

  • Phone Call - Enables the user to make a call from the mobile app.

  • Email - Email activities sent from Gmail or Outlook 365 for Business inbox (add-in/extension) must be installed)

  • Meeting - A meeting activity sent from your Google or Outlook calendar (need to have installed the add-in/extension)

  • Follow-up - A follow-up activity is scheduled following the completion of a prior activity so all notes and history information are carried forward. Follow up activities can be created in Exsalerate when clicking done or via your inbox on sending an email from Gmail or Outlook 365

  • Email Campaign - When a MailChimp campaign has been sent Exsalerate creates an email activity against each contact's company profiles so you can see who's opened the campaign and when it was sent.

  • Other - Used for internal tasks that aren't related to Sales or Account Management.

  • WorkflowMax job - This will send a job to WFM and assign it to the correct template and team member, note this is only available for WFM users.

Colour coding: A Green icon indicates the activity is due today, blue icons represent activities planned for the future and red icons mean the activity is overdue

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