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Programs are how you deliver training to your clients. Pick and choose from the 4 types to offer both group and individual training.

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Creating training programs is the nuts and bolts of Fitr and you're free to mix and match from the available styles to create your perfect library of products.

Custom Program

Custom programs are perfect for delivering totally bespoke/individualised programming to your client or clients and you can add an unlimited number of clients who need 121 training to a single custom program.

For example, let's say bespoke coaching costs £200 / month. Create a single custom program at the price point of £200 / month. Invite all your bespoke clients to join that program. We'll sort out all the financial side of things when they join, and you'll have all your clients neatly organised in one list.

You'll be able to deliver bespoke 121 training programs to each of the clients attached to the single custom program. This makes it very efficient to charge your 121 clients and manage their training schedules. You do NOT have to create a new custom program for every client that needs bespoke coaching.

Fixed Length Program

A fixed length program is perfect when there is a fixed end point, e.g. couch to 5k in 6 weeks, learn kipping pull ups in 8 weeks and so on. We have also seen this type of program used to offer giveaways of subscription based programs.

Session 1, Day 1 Program

We're going to jump to this program type as it's quite similar in set up to a Fixed Length program.

A Session 1, Day 1 program is a subscription based program where every new client starts at the very first session you ever built - day 1, week 1. Therefore, you may have clients at differing stages of the program.

E.g. Joe Bloggs signs up today. Two weeks later Jane signs up. Joe will always be 2 weeks ahead of Jane on the program, assume they don't reschedule their programming. You can learn how a client can do this here.

This type of program is well suited when you want clients on the program to all follow the same training but for each to start at the very beginning. I.e. you don't want them jumping in today with everyone else (this is a group rolling calendar program, outlined below).

TOP TIP 1 of 2:

When a client joins the program, they will be given the first 7 days of training. As each day progresses, they will be given the next day of training. (The system updates at midnight GMT each night).

Make sure you have programming in the schedule ahead of time. If your client runs out and you then update the schedule, they'll have to wait until midnight to see the updated programming appear.

TOP TIP 2 of 2:

You'll see the layout of the program is week 1, 2, and so forth rather than a Jan-Dec calendar as when a client signs up, they'll have the ability to set their own start date. E.g. a client subscribes on a Friday, they can start the program on the following Monday.

Therefore, you can technically launch with only a week built, however you will need to come back and add more training to the program soon after your first client joins.

Group Rolling Calendar Program

A group rolling calendar program is perfect for managing a large client base on a single program, based on a Jan-Dec calendar format, with a single training schedule to update. It's a great way to increase the number of paying clients without increasing your workload.

For example, you want your gym clients to all follow the same programming on the same calendar day. A group rolling calendar program is perfect for you.

The next step after creating your programs is signing up clients. You can read about signing up clients here.

If you need further help on creating a program, please get in touch via live chat.


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