How to Host on Gatheround

Your ritual is ready and people are excited to connect! Here are all the technicals to host a memorable event.

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More of a visual learner than a reader? Check out this video introduction to hosting on Gatheround, or read on for written instructions:

Starting the Event

You’ve gathered your participants and it’s time to start your event!

To begin, go to your event link. If you can’t find it: navigate to your hosted events by clicking on the account icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. From there, click the name of the event you’d like to start.

Once you are on the welcome page of your event, click “Join Event,” enter your name, and answer the icebreaker question.

Playing a YouTube Video

Broadcasting a YouTube video is a great way to set the tone for your event. You can use this feature to play a fun music video, jump-start the conversation with thought-provoking content, or build on a conversation in progress in between games. Please note that only a Host can play a video, and only when there isn't anybody streaming their personal video or audio in the main room.

To play a YouTube video, click on the play button on the bottom right of your screen.

Search for a video that you have in mind or select one of our recommended videos.

Click on the Play button and your broadcast will start!

Turning on Your Camera or Microphone

Up to 200 people can turn on their camera and/or microphone to address the entire room with a real-time broadcast or to have a live discussion. Hosts can join at any time by toggling on the camera and microphone buttons on the bottom left. Participants by default will also be able to turn on their camera and/or microphones in the main room, but this can be disabled in settings.

When you turn on your camera and/or microphone in the main room, all participants can see and hear you. Those who haven’t clicked the icons won’t be seen or heard, so they’ll need to communicate via chat. Keep in mind, once participants opt into joining a conversation game (more on that later) they will have both their mic and camera on.

Note: If the event was created within a Group, all of the Organizers of the Group will have hosting permissions for that event. As part of this, they will be able to manage host controls (above) and turn on their video/audio even if the toggle is off for participants. If select people other than a Host would like to address your participants (like an outside speaker, for instance) you can assign host permissions for the duration of the event (see Managing Participants, below) to allow for selective access to video and audio in the main room.

Starting a Game

Starting a game is easy! You’ll see a playbar on the top of your screen, which will tell you the next game coming up in your game list. Hit play and let the game begin.

If you want to start a different game or play games out of order, click the three dashes to expand your full game list. From here, hit play on the game you want to start.

Editing and Adding Games During an Event

You can edit individual games, add games, and edit event details in real-time. This comes in handy if you’re running out of time and need to shorten your games, or if you just want to keep the party going!

To edit event details such as event name, description, and your icebreaker question, click the settings icon on the top right of your screen and go to “Event details.”

To edit your games themselves, click the three dashes icon in the playbar. From there, you can click the pencil next to any preexisting game you’d like to edit or you can add new games/sections by clicking the big pencil on the top right.

Managing Participants

To see who has joined your event, turn participants into hosts, or remove participants from events, click the participant avatars in the top right of your screen to view the participant list. Click the three dots to see options for that participant.

If you select “Make Host,” that participant will be able to manage host controls, play YouTube videos, start the games, or make edits to the event itself! They'll also have access to the event in the "Hosted Events" section of their account. There is no limit to the number of hosts permitted in your event.

Selecting “Remove” will remove that participant from the event and hide any messages they may have written previously in the chat.

Participating as a Host

Participating in the event as a host is no different than as a standard participant. You can choose to skip the round and monitor the event for latecomers, or just to take a breather. If you’re feeling up for it, you can also join the games you start and get the full participant experience. Your call!

Closing Out a Game

If for any reason you’d like to end a breakout round early, you’ll see a square stop button for your in-progress game. When it's time to regroup, your participants will fade directly back to the main room.

Ending your Event & Collecting Feedback

There's no official way to end or close an event. We recommend that the Host wrap things up by collecting feedback, and playing a music video on the way out!

Tutorial Event

Interested in seeing how to go through activities in a Gatheround event? Check out our tutorial event. It’s an interactive room that you can click around in to learn all about what Gatheround is and get a feel for what it’s like to host. You can find the link to the tutorial by navigating to your group and clicking Getting Started from the left hand menu.

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