Sharing a copy of any item gives the recipient their own new version of that item. This means, they will not see any updates you make to a recipe, recipe book, etc. if you share a copy of that item.

This is different from 'sharing view-only access' in which the user sees a live version of your recipe, recipe book, etc. Learn about view-only access here.

You can share a copy of one or multiple objects from the Home Table Page or the item's "Detail Page".


  • If a user does not have a meez account, they will be prompted to setup a free meez account to view your content.

  • You can only share a copy of a recipe you own. If you have view-only access to a recipe, you can not share a copy of it.

1) Share copies from the Home Table Page

Share a copy of a single item - go to the more menu (the 3 dots) to the right of any item

2) Bulk Share a copy of a multiple items

Click the select box to the left the items you'd like to share.

3) Share a copy from any detail page

Go to the more menu (the 3 dots) at the top of the page in the navigation bar

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