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What is Chariot, DAFpay, and DAFpay Network?
What is Chariot, DAFpay, and DAFpay Network?

Chariot is a company, DAFpay is a product line made by Chariot, and the DAFpay Network is Chariot's partner 501c3 for DAF payments.

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What is Chariot?

Chariot ( is the #1 Donor Advised Funds fundraising solutions provider for nonprofits. Learn more about Chariot's product offerings here.

What is DAFpay?

Chariot offers many solutions including DAFpay, the world's first Donor Advised Fund payment option. DAFpay ( is the fast, secure, and reliable way for donors to donate with their Donor Advised Fund. DAFpay comes in many variations designed to be easily leveraged by nonprofits to convert DAF donors wherever and whenever they are inspired to give.

What is DAFpay Network?

If a nonprofit has not signed up for a Chariot account yet, DAFpay leverages the DAFpay Network to make giving and receiving DAF gifts fast and easy. DAFpay Network ("DPN") is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that facilitates safe, easy, and fast charitable donations between Donor Advised Funds ("DAFs") and the 1.5 million 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the United States.

DAFpay Network serves as the payment facilitator for Chariot's DAFpay product.

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