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Course authors can control how an assessment or quiz is set up

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This article covers our legacy assessments. If you’re using tasks check out Introducing Tasks. Not sure if you are using a legacy or tasks course?  Read our article to find out.

As an author, once you have created an assessment or a quiz, there are settings that allow you to control how the assessment or quiz is set up.


The fields under the Assessment settings are:

  1. Weighting

  2. Mark Type

  3. Mark number

Determines the percentage or share on the overall course mark a particular assessment will contribute. To make sense for learners, the total weighting for all assessment items should add up to 100%.

If a course is competency-based, weightings can be set to null/0 or you can set the weightings for all assessments equally.

Mark Type/Number:
The mark type and mark number fields provide a unique identifier for your assessment. The two fields are joined together and displayed to learners on the assessment page and returned in reports and automated events.  eg. ASS1, Quiz02.


The fields under the Quiz settings are:

  1. Weighting

  2. Time Allowance

  3. Attempts permitted

  4. 100% mandatory

  5. Related practice quiz

  6. Mark Type/Number

Weighting – as described in the Assessment Settings

Time Allowance
Sets a time limit to complete the quiz.  If learners have not completed when the timer expires their attempt will be locked from making any further changes but will be able to submit what they have completed.

Attempts permitted
Set the number of attempts allowed.

Related practice quiz
If there are practice quizzes set, you can link the assessed quiz by selecting the related practice quiz from the dropdown.  This provides a link to the practice quiz from the assessed quiz start page.

Mark Type/ Number – as described in the assessment settings.

100% mandatory
Set to YES, if a learner is required to get 100% of the themed questions correct before they pass the quiz.  You can read more about mandatory quizzes in the link at the end of this article.

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