In addition to quizzes, there are three main types of assessment in iQualify which are marked by facilitators. 

Peer evaluation and a coach role are also available but need to be configured by an offering manager. 

Open response

This assessment type allows learners to submit assessments from within the course content. It is ideal for short answer type questions and allows learners to enter text and images to support their response. 

File upload
This is one of the more common assessment types and allows a learner to upload a document (in a variety of formats including text documents, spreadsheets, images and video ) for marking. 

This assessment type allows a learner to either upload a video, or record a video directly from their webcam and submit it for marking. Note: Videos recorded directly from a webcam have a 5 minute limit.

Other activity

This assessment type allows for assessments handled outside of iQualify. An example of this could be an art project, practical exam or verbal presentation.

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