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This course is full of individual page templates, rather than being a template for a whole course. We created it in the hope that it will be useful for you to browse through when you’re looking for ideas.

We've structured this course into the sorts of areas you'll have in a course. A lot of our examples could really fit in a number of these areas, but we've just opted to put it in the most common. So, just because you see a set of tasks in the Introductions and hooks section, doesn't mean you can't use it to tie up a topic. Use these examples creatively and make them your own.

Each page includes some author instructions with a description of the page and tips and ideas. Our advice is to flick through the whole course quickly to get a feel for what's there.

Here's the structure for this course.

Using starred pages with this course

Our starred pages feature allows you to save pages from published courses and then add them into other courses, saving a whole lot of copy-paste!

To star pages, courses need to be published. So if you want to star in this course, you'll need to:

  1. Choose Use this.

  2. Publish the course

  3. Choose to View the course.

From there, just click the star by the page title to add it to your starred pages list. See How and why to use Starred pages for more detail on how to do this.

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