Once you have selected a course to activate, you can set the start and end dates for the class by clicking on the dates tab in the top header menu.

You can choose to use relative dates or choose your own.

Using relative dates

Choosing to use relative dates means that the opening and due dates for sections and tasks will automatically flow through from how they've been set in the course.

Note: If relative dates are updated in the course these will flow through to any current course activations.

Learner relative dates

It is possible to override the course relative dates for an individual learner giving you the flexibility to provide different start and due dates for everyone. This is a new feature and something we’re continuing to improve on. If you want to check it out, this can be done under Access when you’re adding each learner.

How to set your own dates

If you don't want to use these dates you'll need to turn the Use relative dates toggle to no and set your own.

You can choose to set one open and close date for the whole course or you can stagger the dates for individual sections and tasks.

Staggering the start date for one or more sections means that learners will be able to see the section heading but won't be able to access the content until it opens.

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