Once you have selected a course to activate, you can set the start and end dates for the class by clicking on the dates tab in the top header menu.

You can choose to have all sections and tasks open on the same day or you can choose to stagger the dates if you prefer.

How to stagger the opening dates for course sections

Staggering the start date for one or more sections means that learners will be able to see the section heading but won't be able to access the content until it opens.

Set the toggle Stagger the opening dates of course activations to YES.

Next click on the section or task you want to change the dates for.

For a section you can only change the open date.

For a task you can change the open and/or close date.

Note: If a study plan has been added by the course author the toggle for Stagger the opening dates of course sections will by default be set to Yes and the relative dates set up in the study plan will flow through once the course start date is chosen. These dates can be reviewed and edited if needed.

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