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How to create a class activation - tasks
How to create a class activation - tasks

Managers can activate content to create a class - adding learners, setting course and assessment dates, and much more.

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Activating a new course

From your Create dashboard use the search field, or select the content in the table you wish to activate, then select the Activate button at the end of the content table row.  

Screenshot showing the content row: Webhook testing and the Activate button at the end of the row.

Note: If you are both a manage user and an author, the row button will say Edit. Activate the content by selecting the burger menu and then the Activations menu item. This will open the activations modal. Select the + New activation button to create an activation.

Activating your content

Once you have selected the Activate button, you will be directed to a page with the following tabs:

  • Details: Set course identifiers, upload a study guide, create course sets, categories, and enable social features and talk channels.

  • Self-signup: Enable anyone with the link to join a class, and add a price for your course if Stripe is enabled.

  • Dates: Set the dates for your class.

  • Access: Add learners, facilitators and coaches to your class.

  • Assessment: See scoring, marking and attempts allowed for assessed tasks.

  • Badge: If you want to add a badge to your course this needs to be done before you activate it.

  • Media: Add a cover image and course trailer.

  • Content: See an outline of the course content.

Screenshot of the manage area in Create showing the tabs: Details (selected), Self-Signup, Dates, Access, Assessment, Badge, Media, and Content.

When you have finished working through the tabs, scroll down and select the Activate course button. An email will be sent to everyone to notify them they have been added to the class.

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