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Customising a course activation
How to customise the Talk channels for individual class activations.
How to customise the Talk channels for individual class activations.

Managers can set up the Talk channels specific to a particular course activation

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As a Manager you can set up Talk Channels for any activation.

Once you've chosen a course to activate, Talk Channels can be configured under the Details tab. 

First you can decide whether you want to have a private facilitator support channel.  

Next if your organisation has pre-defined public talk channels you'll see them listed here. You can remove any channels you don't want to use for the activation, or add new ones if required. You can also reorder them. If you have a private support channel that will always show at the top of the table as Facilitator support.

Talk channels can be:

Full access - where all learners and Facilitators can start threads and reply to existing threads.
Broadcast only - where only Facilitators can post messages, but learners can respond.

Group talk channels

Group talk channels can also be set up to allow just some learners to access the talk channel. This can be useful for group tasks or workshops. Group talk channels can either be set up as:
Random allocation - where you decide whether you want group talk channels of X learners OR X group talk channels and all learners are to be divvied into those groups.
Specified allocation - where you choose how many group talk channels you want and allocate learners accordingly.

At this stage, group talk channels need to be set up by our support team or via using our API.

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