How to accept online payments for your courses

Account owners can enable Stripe, allowing managers to set a price for access to courses.

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To do this, you will need a Stripe Account, and authority to manage the settings section of your iQualify account.

Note: Stripe have their own charges which are separate to iQualify. You can find out more about their pricing here.

To set up Stripe

  • Go to iQualify Settings (located under your Profile), and select the Integrations tab.

  • Select the Stripe button (image below).

  • Enable Stripe using the toggle and select Connect. This will take you through to Stripe’s website to authorise your account.

Screenshot of a computer displaying integration options with Stripe selected.

Setting up a course activation for online payment  

Once you’ve enabled Stripe for your organisation, you can create a course activation with self enrolment. To do this, simply choose the course you wish to activate from your create dashboard, select Activate on the course card, and provide the following information under the Self-signup tab:

  • Check the box to create a public page for this course, and allow anyone to join (image below).

  • Add the maximum number of learners (if limited).

  • Toggle the Strict start date that allows learners to either join the course once started, or not.

  • Add a Notify me URL to a web page you manage (such as a Google form) allowing learners who have missed out on a course to upload their details so that you can notify them the next time the course is run (if your course has a set number of learners and is full).

  • Set a course price if applicable, or add ‘0’ to keep the course free of charge.

  • Choose the currency you wish the price to be displayed in from the drop down menu.

What's next?

Once you've activated your course you can include the course URL in any marketing communications. Learners can sign up to the course by selecting the join button and entering their name, email address and credit card details. Once the payment has been accepted the learner will be provided with a link to access the course and emailed a confirmation of payment.

If you limit the number of people who can be on each course, the course will automatically close to new learners once full. However you can allow learners to register their interest so you can notify them when a new activation is opened up by entering details for a Notify me URL as outlined above.

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