Pending Jobs

Jobs that have been synced from the assigned team member's mobile app back to the web dashboard and are in pending status for review

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Pending Jobs are jobs that have been completed by the field team member on the Klipboard mobile app user and can now be reviewed for admin completion.

 Through the View or Action buttons you can do the following:

View Mandatory Workflow PDF – This will show a PDF of the mandatory workflow form completed for that Job.
Complete Job – You can complete the Job moving it to completed status and ready for invoicing if required.
Unassign Job – Unassign the Job and move it to unassigned for it to be deleted or reassigned to another field team member.
Reassign Job – Reassign the Job to another field team member. Perfect for return visits.
Admin Edit – Like reassign but you have the option to keep the original signature captured on job workflow form/s.
Change Team Member Assigned – Change the team member assigned to the job
Regenerate PDF – If you have updated the PDF output, regenerating the PDF will refresh the PDF output to its latest version.

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