The Form Builder can be used to create virtually any type of mobile workflow form which can then be used with a Job in Klipboard. It is strongly recommended to watch the short video below and to read the instructional text below before you start building out your forms. 

Currently the Form Builder is only available on Internet Explorer, though will soon be available on all browsers.

**Please note this video does not have any audio**

Form Builder - How it works?

The Form Builder is made up of what we call 'Action Types' (data inputs) which are used to build out a form.  Please see below a visual description of each action type.

Tab: You can add ‘tabs’ to your workflow and what this means is that you can create different pages within your form. Essentially, tabs will split the pages on the app, so your team members can navigate through the workflow easily. You can have as many tabs as you need.

Header Section: These are titled sections you can add within a tab of your workflow. You can have as many header sections as you need within a tab.

Accordion: Are expandable sub sections within your form which include a list of further fields such as text entries, toggles and drop down options. Accordions need to be added to a Header section from which you can then add the list of further data fields.

You will see that when the accordion is selected it will open up further data fields you have included.

Text Entry Single: This is a free type box that can take up to 100 characters (approx. 12 words).

Text Entry Multiple: This is a free type box that can take up to 4,000 characters (approx. 500 words).

Toggle: This can be used as a checklist or to answer a simple Yes or No. Tap to signify a yes or a no.  

Dropdown List: This is if you wish to create a list of which you can select only one item from a list.

Dropdown List Item: This would be an item which they can select within the Dropdown List as above. 

Dropdown Multiple Select List: This is the same as Dropdown List, however it will give the option to select more than one item within the list. 

Multi Table: This is if you wish to create a table that has headings in both the Columns and Rows 

Table Column Item: This is a heading for one of your columns on a table. So if you wish to have a table with 4 columns, you would create 4 of these with different headings

Table Row Item: This is the same as above, however applies to the Row Headings on the table instead.

Column Table: This is if you wish to create a table with headings in the columns only.

Title: This can be placed anywhere to give a title to the fields which follow.

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