Completed Jobs

Jobs that have been approved and marked as complete by a team member on the web dashboard

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Completed Jobs will show all the jobs which have been approved as completed. Completed jobs can no longer be edited, though any Workflow Forms or Service Records can be viewed/downloaded as a PDF, downloaded as a CSV or emailed directly to your client from Klipboard. Any time recorded against a job will be displayed against the job.

To search for a specific completed job you can use the date range pickers and the filters in the column headers, for example, you can search by the Client etc.

Through the View or Action buttons you can do the following:

View Mandatory Workflow PDF - this will show a PDF of the mandatory workflow form completed for that Job.
Download Workflow Forms (PDF) - this will download a zip file of the job workflow forms as PDFs.
Download Workflow Forms (CSV) - this will download a zip file of the job workflow forms as CSV which is suitable for excel.
View Service Records - this will download a zip file of the Service Records completed for assets on that job as PDFs.
Email To Client - this will allow you to email all documentation from the job to your client.
Create Invoice (if applicable) - raise an invoice from the job.
Regenerate PDF - if you have updated the PDF output, regenerating the PDF will refresh the PDF output to its latest version.

Bulk Download 

By selecting Job(s) you have the option to download those Jobs in either PDF or CSV format and send them to an email address(s). The recipient(s) email address will get a zip package containing the specified data.

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