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You can create and send a quote directly to a client. Your quote dashboard will show a history of all the quotes you have created with a high level breakdown view of the number

  • Won - the number of quotes which have been converted to a Job

  • Accepted - the number accepted via the Client Portal

  • Sent - the number which have been sent to a client for review

  • Drafts - the number still be drafted

To create a new quote, simply select New Quote you will be able to do the following:

  • Select your Client: Choose from your client list, select the specific location site and billing address.

  • Apply Discount Rates & Deposits: Set these with each unique Quote as you wish.

  • Select your Products & Services: You can set your standard Products & Services through the Settings area for you to select when creating quotes or alternatively free type any Name & Description of a product/service.

Once you are happy with the details of the Quote, you can then do the following by selecting the Actions button:

  • Save as a Draft

  • Email to your client and Mark as Sent: A copy of the quote will be sent as a PDF to your chosen client's email address.

  • Convert straight to a Job: When you convert the quote to a job it will then be associated with the job and will remind you to Invoice when the job is completed. The details in the Quote will be automatically added to the Invoice though if required further Invoice edits can be made.

  • Download as a PDF: A copy of the quote will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

  • Edit: Make any amendments, add more line items, etc.

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