How can I add a new payment card?

Removing and adding cards to your account is simple.

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When adding a new card, there are 2 key steps that you need to take. Let's get started.

1) Adding your new card:

You can do this at any time through our website or app. Just navigate to the Settings tab and locate Manage Payment Methods. Adding your card is as simple as following the steps on the screen.

2) Make it your default:

To ensure that your new card is saved as your default card, select the default button as seen next to your new card. This will ensure any new orders will be linked to this card.

3) Update your card for any live orders:
If you have current live orders on your account, you'll need to make sure that future payments are taken from your new card.

To do this:

  • Navigate to the purchases tab on the app

  • Select the order you wish to update

  • Hit Payment options

  • Select Change card

  • Select the card you wish to change payments on this order to be switched to.

Important: You will need to ensure that any existing payments linked to a previous unwanted card are changed - especially if this card is not longer active. Once you select your new card for each live order, all payments will be switched and taken automatically from the new card.

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