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Before or After School Clubs

Use Marathon Kids for a before/after-school club.

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Holding a before or after-school run club helps kids achieve the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.

You decide the logistics of the program and we supply the tools and resources to help you.

Below are suggestions to help you facilitate a running club but feel free to add your own creativity and style.

Things to decide:

  • What day(s) will your club meet?

  • What time will the club meet?

  • What is your start and end date?

  • What grades or ages will participate?

  • How many participants will you have?

  • Do you need volunteers to support you to keep kids safe?

  • What is your club goal?

  • Think through any safety measures you need to take.

    • ie, the route, allergies, dismissal procedures, etc.

Sample Agenda:


Promote your club with our Join Us Flyer or make your own.

There are three ways to add participants.

  • Recruit participants - this tool lets you customize an online registration form to allow parents to enroll participants in your club.

    • This also gives parents the option to create a Marathon Kids parent account to follow their child's progress and submit miles from home.

  • Manual Entry - this is quick and easy if you already know who wants to participate or if you get a new participant during the season.

  • Upload Roster - if you have a larger number of participants this is a great way to upload them all at one time.

Last things to do:

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