Marathon Kids Program Overview

Learn more about Marathon Kids; the program, data, implementation styles, and more!

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Marathon Kids believes kids need positive role models who provide opportunities to run and be active.

We provide a FREE program designed to grow self-confident, active kids one lap at a time.

How you implement the program is flexible and customizable to meet your space and organizational needs.

Marathon Kids provide the free resources and tools, you provide the logistics and fun!

The Program: All Inclusive.

Since 1995, Marathon Kids has been on a mission to get kids active.

What is the program?

Coaches set a mileage goal for the club and challenge their youth participants to run as many miles as they can within the season.

Whether participants run, walk, play, or push/roll, we encourage self-paced movement.

Kids finish miles in achievable increments or complete minutes of heart-pumping activity.

Little by little laps turn into miles and miles turn into marathons!

How does it work?

The free, real-time digital platform equips you to manage your program and monitor progress, while the scanning app is used to scan participant ID Cards to record laps and active minutes.

Personalized, Autogenerated ID cards

Once you add participants, you can print the ID cards from your account.

The ID cards contain personalized QR codes for each participant and are scanned as participants complete laps or minute-based activities using the Marathon Kids Connect Scanner app.

You have the option to use our Milestone Stickers to create a lasting memento or trophy for your participants as they reach mileage milestones.

Data Driven

Data at your fingertips!

Use the data to teach goal-setting skills, develop a growth mindset in your participants, and keep motivation high!


Our seven reports drill down the data to help you keep participants updated and encouraged.

As well as provide updates on the entire club, grade levels, each class, and even a timed-run report!

Individual Miles Contribute

Each Marathon Kids Club is unique and all participants are on individual journeys to reach their own personal goals.

It's essential to teach kids how their effort not only supports their individual goals but also contributes to the:

  • Class Mileage Total

  • Grade Level Mileage Total

  • Club Goal

Each participant plays a key role in helping the whole club succeed!

Resource Library

The Resource Library has a variety of lessons, games, activities, and tools to keep your participants active and educated.

Visit the Resource Library by clicking the Resource button in your account or here.

Print the Bulletin Board resources here today!

Implementation: Flexible and Customizable

Within your season you can capture physical activity effort with all or any of the following implementations:

You have the option to invite Parents to follow their child's progress and submit miles from home too.

During your season, you can implement Marathon Kids in more ways than one by managing multiple programs simultaneously by customizing your tracks and activities.

Click here to learn more.

Steps to a Successful Club

  1. Provide a positive, fun experience

    1. Be consistent with procedures and expectations.

    2. Give specific, positive feedback to participants

  2. Be an invested Coach:

    1. Set the club goal

    2. Keep participants informed of their mileage and club data

    3. Make the data visible to draw interest and create a community

    4. Celebrate and reward often by keeping it simple

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