Marathon Kids believes kids need positive role models who provide opportunities to run and be active.

We provide effective programming to schools and community organizations designed to grow self-confident active kids.

We couldn't do it without YOU. It takes dedicated adults to put the program into action. Thanks for joining our mission to get kids active!

Marathon Kids provide the resources and tools, you provide the logistics and fun!

The Program: All Inclusive.

Since 1995, Marathon Kids has been on a mission to get kids active. We provide a researched and evidence-based program that is built on six pillars.

Marathon Kids encourages self-paced movement that adds up over time.

Whether participants run, walk, play, or push/roll, little by little their laps turn into miles and those miles turn into marathons.

We challenge kids to conquer four marathons or 104.8 miles over the course of a season, but at the same time, we know that every Marathon Kids club will be unique and participants are on individual journeys.

That’s the beauty of the program it’s customizable and flexible.

How many miles will your participants conquer will depend on a few things:

Two key things play a role in a successful club.

  1. Providing a positive, fun experience

  2. Invested coaches who:

    1. Set club/school goals

    2. Keep participants informed of their mileage

    3. Make the data visible to draw interest and create a community

    4. Provide consistent and structured programming

    5. Give specific, positive feedback to their participants

    6. Celebrate and reward often by keeping it simple.

Implementation: Flexible and Customizable

Within your season you can capture physical activity effort with all or any of the following implementations:

How can I have multiple implementations within one season?

  1. Customize your tracks and activities to record data and view the data separately by filtering your reports.

    1. For example, if you want to have a before-school club and use it during PE classes.

      1. You can create a Run Club track and a PE track.

      2. Record all data for each program under that specific track.

      3. Then, pull a report by that track or activity to see the effort captured or see accumulative miles by selecting all tracks and activities.

  2. Add additional Supporters to your account and print multiple copies of ID cards

    1. Adding Supporters to help you manage the program and scan participant ID cards regardless of their class or grade will help with multiple implementations.

    2. Printing multiple copies of ID cards allows a participant to participate before/after-school, in PE class, and even with their classroom teacher.

Data Driven

Data is at your fingertips with Marathon Kids to help teach goal-setting skills, develop a growth mindset, and keep motivation high!


Within the Resource Library, you will find a variety of helpful activities and tools to keep your participants active and educated.

Check out a full description of lessons, games, activities, and tips here.

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