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Having trouble logging in to Med App on your mobile device?

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How did you get invited to Med App?

I registered with an incorrect email address

If you make a mistake or type the wrong email address when you register, you can try logging in (using the mis-typed email) and then updating your details in the app.

You can update your email address from inside the app by going to the 'More' tab then tapping the 'Edit Profile' button. Then just update your email address and hit 'Save'.

If you have logged out of Med App or you are trying to login through another device and you don't know your email address then you can retrieve your registered email via SMS. This will send you the registered email and you can use that to log in (and then update your details if needed) or check your password reset is going to the right place.

If it is the wrong email, and you cant remember your password get in touch via the live chat in the app (Feedback button in 'More') -> or in the help centre here, or via the app, or send an email to

I can't remember my password

If you're logged out of Med App or you're trying to login from another device and can't remember your password, you can reset your password from the login screen.

Note: If you are not receiving a password reset email, confirm that you have registered previously. If you have not registered you will not receive a password reset email. You will either need to use the invite link in the SMS you received. Or register directly in the app.

I reset my password but never received the email

Confirm that you are already registered in the app. Your Med App password/registration is different to your corporate hospital password/registration.

If you have not registered / confirmed your registration you won't receive a reset email. Hit the Register Now button to get registered.

If you are already registered, first point of call is to confirm its not in your spam/blocked email folder. If you are sure it hasn't come through then contact our help team via the live chat prompts, or send the team an email (, we're more than happy to help you out!

I'm trying to register but I get an error message saying my phone number is already registered

Your phone number is unique to your profile, which means you cannot register with the same mobile number more than once.

If you get this message it indicates you are already a registered user (or your phone number is) in the system (e.g. you may have been already registered with another email address, but the same mobile number).

Another reason is that you may have already been invited by your hospital manager and they may have used a different email. Try and access the link you should have received by SMS and confirm your registration.

One last thing to check is the network you are connected to. If you are on the hospital wifi, try switching to the normal cell network temporarily and try again.

If you are still having trouble message us through the live chat support, or send an email to

I'm trying to register but I get an error message saying my email address is already registered

This indicates your email address is already associated with another registered phone number in the app.

  1. Check your phone number is listed correctly

  2. Check the email is correct

  3. Get in touch with our support team if everything looks ok (either through the support chat prompts or email:

One last thing to check is the network you are connected to. If you are on the hospital wifi, try switching to the normal cell network temporarily and try again.

I received an error message saying

"The email address you entered has previously been sent an invitation to Med App. Please register by clicking on the Med App invite link that was sent to you by email and SMS."

The error indicates you have been sent a Med App invite by your hospital admin. Check your email and SMS to see if you can find the email/sms with the link in it.

You can search in your inbox for the email titled:

"You have been invited to Med App"

(Remember to check your spam/junk mail folder if you can't find the email)

Both the email and SMS will contain a link to register for Med App. Please ensure you click on the link, which should take you to the app and you will then need to go through the user registration flow. If it doesn't automatically take you there, you can click on the 'Register Now' button on the login page of the app.


If you are trying to register you should see a prompt to message our help team - please use this as the team is ready and able to help solve all your (Med App related - and maybe some non-Med App related) problems!

If you are already logged in and having trouble, then please use the 'Feedback' button under the 'More' tab in the app or send us an email at if you are having issues.

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