How can clinicians effectively record attendance

Are you tired of using paper sign-in sheets or manual check-ins to record your attendance at training and education events?

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Do away with paper sign-in sheets, manually transcribing this to spreadsheets and collating data at the end of each term. When creating an education and training event, you can simply track attendance by generating a QR code, or enabling in-app attendance, making it easy for you to hit accreditation standards.

How do clinicians mark attendance

Clinicians can mark their attendance off in a few different ways depending on how the admin has set the event up.

  1. Using the record attendance button: Clinicians simply press the button in the event details screen to mark attendance. (Note: This must be enabled during event setup)

  2. Scanning a QR code: Clinicians can either use their camera or the inbuilt scanner in Med App for improved accuracy.

How to regenerate a QR code for your event

QR codes are automatically generated at the end of your event creation, for details on how to create an event see this article. However if you need to regenerate your QR code, simply click the button in alignment with your event name.

How to use QR codes

  • Put the poster (or multiple) up in the training room

  • Ask the presenter to include this in the presentation

  • Encourage people to use their phone cameras to scan in.

See all the ways attendance can be marked

You can scan in using the QR code on your phone or tablet. Or use the URL link on your phone, tablet or desktop computer to log your attendance (note: if you use the URL on your desktop you may not be able to view the history of attended events on your mobile app). Watch the video below to see all the methods of tracking attendance with Med App.

Med App’s Events feature allows your clinicians to effectively record your attendance at training and education events using a QR code scanner or in app check-in. This feature can help you save time, reduce errors, view attendance details, feedback results and reporting for accreditation.

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