The Events tool can be used to:

  • Send invitations to training, education or other events.

  • Automate session reminders.

  • Automate evaluation surveys.

  • Log attendance with QR codes or URL links (automatically creating a digital record for clinicians and admin teams).

🔥 Med App sites use this for orientation sessions at the start of the year or term and weekly JMO education sessions. It gives you a record of who attended regardless of whether they are online or in-person during the session.

Remember: Invite Groups are a key tool to save time and generate better reports. Read how to setup an Invite Group here. It is a super useful way to organise your events and run reports at the end of the year or term.

It might take you a couple of times to get the hang of it, but once you know, it only takes ~30seconds to set up an event in Med App.

Creating an Event

Here are the key steps for creating your event

On the Events Page

Click the Events tool in the lefthand side of the dashboard.

You can see 2 tabs:

  • The 'Events' tab shows you all of the previous and scheduled Events (RED)

  • The 'Invite Groups' Tab shows you all the groups that you have setup (BLUE)

  • You can also create a 'quick' event by clicking the 'Create New Event' button in the top right of the screen. There is also a button there to quickly create an Invite Group.

  • Click the 'Create New Event Button'

Event Details Page

  • Enter the name of the event

  • Enter the start day and time, then the end day and time

  • Enter the Event venue

  • Add some more details in the description

    • Think if there is any pre-reading, links or videos that might be interesting for people to know. Or any other specifics about the session that might be useful to know.

  • Click 'Save Details' in the bottom right.

Select Invitees Page

This is how you choose who will be invited to the event.

Remember: People who have not been invited, or don't have the app can still scan their attendance at the session. Or you can add them as an additional attendee later.

You can choose whether you want to invite people by:

  • Role

    • You will select entire roles, so anyone who has that particular role will get the invite. People who join the app after the event has been setup and selects that role will also be able to see the invite.

  • User List

    • Use the full user list to select specific people to invite. You can use the search and filter buttons and the checkboxes to select individual invitees.

  • Invite Group

    • If you have setup an invite group already just select it from the list and you are good to go.

Configure Event Page

This is where you can switch on or off:

  • RSVP

    • People can hit attending / not attending and update their status direct via the app.

  • Attendance tracking option

    • Will generate a unique QR code and URL which people can scan or click to log their attendance at the event.

    • There are additional options to flag it as a CPD event or allow multiple scan ins.

  • Add a survey

    • If you have setup a survey template already you can automatically add one to your event.

    • Use the drop-down to select the survey template.

    • Choose how long you want the survey to be open for

    • And, if you want the app to send a push notification reminding people to fill out the survey.

Configure Notifications

This is where you can setup all your automated follow ups and reminders, so you don't have to send a pile of reminder emails or chase people up pre-event.

For more info check our detailed article here.

All notifications are customisable (both the text of them and when they are sent). We have a default schedule which is:

  • Notification to invitees when event is created.

  • Notification to invitees 10min before the event

  • If survey is attached - send survey at end of event

  • Optional: Send a reminder notification with survey link 30min after event.

Make custom changes to the send day/time or the text of the notifications by clicking on them. You can switch a specific notification on or off with the little switcher below the notification.

Review and Create

This is just a summary of the event. It gives you an overview of it all, and when you are ready hit 'create event' in the bottom right.

Getting the QR Code, Editing or Deleting the Event

On the main list of events page, if you have selected to track attendance there is a 'QR Code' button to the right of the event.

Click on this to open a pop-up where you can:

  • Screenshot the unique QR code to put in a presentation or share.

  • Copy the URL (which is the text version of the QR code). You can send this in a video conference chat, announcement or email.

  • Download a pre-made poster PDF with the event details, QR code and URL. This ready to go poster can be printed and put up in the event room or on a table inside (for example!).

Editing an Event

Just click on the name of the event.

Then you can see:

  • Tabs in the top left to see the list of invitees or the attached survey.

    • Come back during/after the event to see how many people have scanned in

    • On the Invitees page, you can also add individual users to the event during the event if needed.

  • In the bottom right is the Edit button which will allow you to jump in and make changes.

  • Bottom left is the delete button for the event.

Watch how to Setup a new Event:

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