I don't have the app, but want to scan-in for attendance?

Scan any event QR code to mark off attendance without Med App, however you will not get reminders, notes or a retrievable record.

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If you attend an event and want to log your attendance, but don't have Med App you can still do it, either with or without downloading the app.

Without Med App (No event attendance log for past events)

  1. Open up the camera on your phone

  2. Scan the QR code

  3. Enter in your details

Attendance record

If you would like to get additional records you will need to contact your hospital admin. If you would like to keep your own record of attended events, download Med App, register an account and all your events will automatically be tracked in the app.

Logging attendance from your desktop

You can also scan in from a desktop computer if you have been provided with the attendance URL.

Download Med App:

  1. Scan the code using your phone's built in camera app (iPhones and some Android devices).

  2. You will be directed to download Med App from the app store.

  3. Download the app and register (est. time 30-45 secs)

  4. You will automatically have access to your hospital and be logged in for the event. If not, just scan the code again using your phones inbuilt camera app, or the QR scanner built in to the app (look for the QR logo in the top right of the main page).

  5. Done!

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