Log attendance from mobile on a Video Conference

Send a URL to a Zoom meeting to let people scan in from their phones while watching online.

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Using the Med App attendance feature is a great way to record sessions where people may be online or in-person.

If people are viewing education or training sessions from a mobile or tablet they can log their attendance using a QR code or URL. By default people can scan in up to 2 hrs after the event, so it can also be shared after the session.

The best ways to use Med App with Video/in-person sessions are:

  • Show the QR code in the presentation or display it at the start of the session

  • Paste the URL into the video session chat section to let people click on it directly (best way for people watching on mobile).

How do you get a hold of the QR Code and URL?

Get the QR Code or URL from the Events Page

Next to each event there will be a 'QR code' button (if you have selected 'record attendance' when you setup the event).

From here you can either:

  • Screenshot the QR code to use in your own poster or presentation

  • Copy the URL to send through a chat in a video conference or other message

  • Download a pre-made PDF poster which has all the details - good if you want to put it up at the event entrance or on people's seats.

Using the 'Copy QR Code As A Link' Button

This will copy the QR code as a URL (e.g https://kiz1.app.link/At2eSvyECob). You can then send this via the video conference chat while the session is on, or share via Med App notification (or, if you must, email after the event).

Clicking the link will do the exact same job as the QR code.

Remember: People can scan in to the event even if they don't have the app, or were not invited to the event.

What the Poster Looks Like

The QR code and URL is on the poster as well. You can show this posted during the session to allow people to scan in (if watching from a desktop). If watching from their mobile you should send the URL through the chat or Med App notifiacation.

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