Many hospitals have found responding to access requests and comments quickly leads to better engagement across with your content. When they make comments or edits and can see them being actioned, they are more likely to do it again next time, or do more of it.

The digest email gives a weekly or daily summary (depending on which option you select) of pending requests and tasks in the dashboard. This helps you respond to user requests and keep content up to date. Specifically:

  • People who have asked for access to your hospital account

  • Article review dates that have come up (remember to keep the content fresh)

  • Any feedback that people have left on content via the app.

  • Any edits that people have made to content that is awaiting approval (think term ROVER updates, edits to rosters).

To make sure you have the reminder email switched on, check your dashboard profile: and choose weekly or daily reminder emails.

This is an example of what the email looks like in your inbox:

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