Automated event notifications means you can automatically send reminder notifications for events and evaluation surveys afterwards. Reduce email clutter, improve engagement and reduce processes in your education and training event workflow.

🔥 Current Med App sites use this to reduce the number of emails they send, reduce the follow-ups they need to do and have the app automatically remind people and surveys after the training session has finished.

If you haven't checked out our full 'how to create an event article', have a read here.

Where are the automated notifications?

When you are setting up an event, you will find it as one of the steps in the setup process. You can schedule a one-off announcement, but check out our other help articles under announcements for this.

What notifications can I automate?

There are a set of default notifications that are setup. These are:

  • One when the event is created

  • One 10min before the event starts

  • (If survey is added) A message and link to the survey when the event finishes

  • (Optional) A follow reminder about the survey, 30min after the event.

The text and timing of all these can be changed.

I don't want to send all of the notifications?

You can switch an automated notification off by using the switcher that is under the notification (pink for 'on' grey for 'off').

I want to change the timing or text?

To edit the the timing and content of your notifications click on the notification 'card' to access the edit panel for the notification which will appear on the right hand side.

From the panel you can edit:

  • the subject of the push notification.

  • the body text of the notification that will be send.

  • the timing the notification will be sent.

For timing, you can choose a specific date/time for the first notification. For the other notifications you can select the timing relative to the event time. E.g.

  • 'Send notification 10min before the event starts'

  • 'Send survey notification 30min after the event finishes'

  • 'Send survey notification 15min before the event finishes'

What happens if you update the time of your event or cancel the event altogether?

If you edit the time of an event after it has been set up, the timings for your notifications will change accordingly unless you specific a specific date and time for the notification.

Please note, that if the body of the notification has the time and date in it, they will need to be updated manually during the update process.

During the update process you can also switch on or off notifications that have not been sent yet.

If you need to cancel an event any notifications scheduled for the future will also be cancelled.

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