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Release 3 Sep 2021

Updates to mobile and the dashboard to improve comms and engagement

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Feature / Update


Surveys (BETA)

  • Administrators will be able to create, edit and manage survey templates.

  • Templates can be used to distribute surveys to clinicians either through a direct survey distribution sent via an announcement or through being linked to an event, which means the survey is available in the app to clinicians who have recorded their attendance to an event (or been invited if attendance is not being recorded.

  • Each survey distribution will have a unique URL associated with it, through which users can access the survey. The responses to each unique distribution are consolidated and reported graphically in the dashboard and also available through a CSV download

Closing the loop on article edit suggestion

  • If a clinician has made an edit suggestion on an article, whether admin choose to approve or deny the edit, they will now be able to respond directly back to the clinician through a push notification

  • The push notification is entirely optional and can be customised

Closing the loop on article feedback comments

  • If a clinician has submitted feedback on an article, admin will be able to respond/notify the clinician directly.

  • We have also introduced the ability to add a note to the feedback that will be stored with the feedback in the feedback history for the article

  • Furthermore, there is much more flexibility with how admin can manage the feedback in action items. Admin can mark items as reviewed, respond to the clinician and make a note, all independently. In other words, admin won’t be forced to mark an item as reviewed when they respond to the clinician if they want to keep the feedback in action items to remind them to action it, and they can always add a note to the piece of feedback, so they can let other admin know someone has looked at it.

  • The push notification is entirely optional and can be customised

New, more transparent, informative Announcements view page

  • After an admin has sent/scheduled an announcement they can click back into the announcement to view what the announcement looked like on mobile and how many users the notification was sent to!

  • This is a precursor for the work to redesign the announcement creation process, which will have a live preview screen and inform the admin how many users it is slated to go to before they press send.

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