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How to create a survey template in Med App
How to create a survey template in Med App

Create survey templates in Med App and send surveys with ease. Save time, get feedback, and improve clinician support.

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A survey template is a set of questions that you can reuse and edit for different survey distributions. This saves you time and effort when you need to send the same survey to different groups of clinicians or events.

How this saves your time on weekly training feedback

  • Use the same feedback survey template for weekly Intern education session

  • Surveys groups all the distributions and responses that use the same template.

  • Automatically name each survey distribution based on the education session topic or title

Step 1: Create a survey template

To create a survey that can be distributed to clinicians, you must first create a 'survey template'.

  1. Start by opening the 'Surveys' feature on the left navigation bar of the dashboard.

  2. From the surveys homepage click on the 'Create Survey Template' button.

Step 2: Add Survey Template Details

  1. Type the name of the template and a description for what the template is for.

    1. These are for dashboard users only to help identify the template you want to use when distributing a survey or attaching it to an event.

    2. The description will be viewable from hovering your mouse over the information icon on the Survey Template homepage, which can help you identify the one you need without having to click into the template

After you add the survey template details, you can configure your survey questions.

Step 3: Configure your Survey

Here you construct the survey itself, everything you enter in this configuration will be what is viewed by the clinician who receives the survey.

  1. Write an introduction to be seen by the clinician each time the survey is distributed. Let the clinician know what the survey is for and if there is any guidance they need to help them complete it.

  2. Add questions to your survey

  3. Save your survey

Help! I can't save my survey.

Make sure all questions have text filled in, otherwise the save button will be greyed out

Current survey question types available




Multiple choice

Should this topic be kept for next years learning?

Free text

Long free text responses perfect for finding out more

Tell us more about why you responded X


Can be used for Likert scales to measure either positive or negative response to a statement.

For best results use an odd number of options

Select one of the following to describe how you felt about today's session:

Statement: The topic will help me in my day-to-day clinical work

Answers: Strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree

Step 4 Preview your Survey

  1. See how your survey will look to clinicians.

  2. To make any updates, go back by clicking on the previous step in the workflow progression

  3. Once you preview your survey template, you can save it and use it for future survey distributions.

<This is where the Survey Distribution title will be displayed>

Don't worry this is a placeholder until your ready to distribute your survey. If your linking to an event, the name of your event will appear here.

Step 5 Save your template

After you preview the survey, save it!

This will take you to the Survey Template Details page, from here you can:

  1. See all your survey distributions for that particular template

  2. Access responses

  3. Send new distributions

  4. Preview and edit the survey template

  5. Download reports


Well done! You are now ready to distribute the survey to your clinicians.

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