The Med App Surveys feature allows you to create and distribute surveys directly to your clinicians, as well as review and download their responses, all within Med App. This means the end-to-end survey process can be conducted fully within one system.

Surveys can also be linked to events, allowing you to streamline the collection and analysis of education feedback from your clinicians.

Why use Med App to conduct your surveys?

  • End-to-end process management that allows you to consolidate your surveys into one place.

  • Simple to setup and flexible to suit your needs. Choose different question types to get the answers you need.

  • Pinpoint targeting of your survey to roles or a specific cohort of users.

  • Seamless integration with Med Apps' other features. Create an event and link a survey to it.

Here's how surveys work

Watch how to create and distribute surveys πŸ‘‡

Med App's Survey feature has been designed with both efficiency and flexibility in mind. To achieve this there are two parts to Surveys:

We recognise that you often use the same set of questions over and over. For example, you may have the same survey for every Intern education session. To support this you can create a 'Survey template', which is a set of questions that can be used over and over again. A template is fully editable at any time, so it can evolve as needed.

Once you have set up a template you can then distribute a survey based on this template to your clinicians. Each Survey distribution is unique so that the responses for a distribution are collated for that specific distribution only rather than at the overall template level. This allows you to easily analyse responses for a specific event or announcement distribution. This also allows you to send each distribution to different groups of users if required.

Currently surveys can be directly distributed broadly to one or more Roles, or they can be distributed to a focused group of users in a Cohort. They can also be linked to an Event.

Adding a survey to an event

When creating an event you can also choose to add a survey from your template library. This will also create a unique distribution for that survey, allowing you to analyse the responses for that specific event. In fact you can review responses from the event page on itself, meaning you can create an event, track attendance, schedule the distribution a feedback survey and review the feedback all from one spot on the dashboard. You can also schedule a survey notification to prompt users to complete the survey at the end of the event.

Examples of how some of our users are using surveys

For some inspiration, here are examples of how our customers are using Med App to conduct their surveys:

  • Weekly education session presenter feedback

  • Shift preferences

  • Intern rotation evaluations

  • NUM Workshop pre/post evaluations

Find out more about how to get started with surveys

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