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What new education, engagement, and wellbeing resources have the Med App Team curated?

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Junior doctors involved in systems improvement initiatives has been linked to improved aspects of clinical retention, organizational culture, patient engagement, and sustainable, cost effective clinical outcomes (Dickson, Owen, Micallef, & Straw, 2014; Health Workforce Australia, 2013)

Based on clinician feedback, we have reviewed the literature and curated a number of new clinician educational, engagement, and wellbeing resources together to aid and support you as we all start preparing for new rotations and a new intake of clinical staff.

Clinical Resources

  • Common Calls - this is a good starting template for your JMOs to start personalising for your organisation

Clinical Teaching Resources

  • EPIC Cards


  • CEC Brief Bites Patient Safety Videos

Consult & Referrals

  • Consult Guide - this is a good starting template for your JMOs to start personalising for your organisation

Get Involved (ideas for JMO projects)

  • Green up you organisation - promote environmental sustainability

  • Choosing Wisely - reduce unnecessary tests and treatments

  • JMO Leadership courses- continuing professional development

  • Peer Mentoring Toolkit

  • Quality improvement Toolkit

  • Tips on how to use the feedback/edit functions (to engage JMOs and streamline your workflows)


  • Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Support Information and Factsheets

  • Difficult Conversations Resources

  • Nutrition Hacks

  • Mind Hacks

  • Mindfulness & Self Care

  • Peer Mentoring Resources

  • Sleep Hygiene for Shift Workers

  • Study and Career Information


  • State Based Directories including supports for:

    • AHPRA Mandatory Notification

    • Crisis Care

    • Addiction & Substance Abuse

    • Critical Incidents

    • Domestic Violence

    • Education & Training

    • Finding a GP

    • Industrial Issues

    • Mental Health Supports

Want to have a closer look? Just change locations from your Med App into Med App - Open Access Med App and scroll through the tiles.

If you would like any of these resources to be transferred into your local Med App account, please get in touch as we are happy to work together to ensure that all clinicians have the right tools and resources to provide safe, efficient, and effective patient care.

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