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Tops Tips on How to Use Med App for Mobile Users
Tops Tips on How to Use Med App for Mobile Users
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Tops Tips on How to Use Med App

Med App is designed to make the lives of Junior Doctors easier by providing access to orientation materials, ROVERs and term descriptions, local clinical guidelines, phone numbers, and wellbeing information.

The content in this guide has been curated by, and exists for your benefit. If you see something wrong with the included information, or would like to make a change, speak up!

Providing Feedback to your organisation’s MedApp Dashboard Lead:

To provide feedback on content, just tap the feedback icon at the bottom of any article, write down your feedback or suggestion and then hit send. This feedback is received by your hospital admin. Have ideas of new clinical/organisational content for the app? Contact your local Med App Lead.

In-App Editing to Help Update Content

For some content, you can make direct edits from your MedApp. If you see the pencil EDIT at the bottom of your screen, then you can tap the icon to start making edits. When you are done making all your edits, click the checkmark at the top right of your mobile view. Your changes will then be reviewed and approved by a manager prior to going live.

Get tech Help and Support from the Med App Team

Alternatively, if you would like to get tech support or give the Med App team feedback about how we can improve Med App itself including features, visuals, or your experience, you can Send Feedback through the More Profile Page.

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