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Med App mobile overview & features
Med App mobile overview & features

How we support clinicians, Key features and how to get the most out of the mobile application

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Why should clinicians use Med App?

Our vision is to improving clinical confidence and wellbeing through access to clinical information. Here are just a few ways we do this:

  • Access orientation info before you arrive on site - minimise potential errors associated with starting a new job (while reducing stress & improving wellbeing!)

  • Easy to access content - on-demand access to policies, procedures & guidelines.

  • Digital phone directory - call departments & services directly from your mobile to avoid lengthy delays sitting on switch.

  • Track annual CPD requirements - log attendance & track of CPDs in one location.

During our pilot phase of implementations, we collect data to show time savings benefits for hospitals. A Time in Motion (TIM) study is conducted by first identifying 5 pieces of content available on both Med App and via standard hospital avenues (e.g. the intranet). 5 clinicians are then timed as the search for each piece of content.

Show me what is does!

Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile app for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communication, tracking education and training.

How can clinicians use it?

The following resources shows how to use each feature, click to read more:

How Med App was born

  • Fresh in the early days of his internship and armed with a 120 page orientation handbook, Rob was asked to order a CT scan for his patient.

  • He made the imaging request and went about the rest of his duties, only to arrive back the next day to find no progress had been made.

  • Poring through his handbook, he realised that he hadn’t correctly followed procedure: the electronic imaging request was meant to be accompanied by a signed and faxed consent form.

  • This one mistake delayed the patient’s journey by an entire day and cost the health system ~ $2,000.

  • Realising the logistical issues with carrying around half a ream of paper, the idea for Med App was born!

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