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Linking a Survey to an Event

How to link a survey to an event so that you can gather feedback

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If you want to gather feedback or other information in relation to an event created through Med App, then you can link a survey directly to the event during the event creation workflow. If you have already created the event, not to worry, you can always go back and edit the event to include the survey.

To learn how to create a survey template for your event click here.

Linking a survey to an event

When creating the event (or editing the event), on the Event Configuration step there is a section where you can choose to add a survey to the event and choose which survey to add from the list of current templates available in your location.

In this section you will also be able to set when a survey will 'close' relative to the event timings. By default a survey will be available to clinicians from the start time of the event to the 'closing' time that you set in this configuration.

What does linking a survey to an event mean?

When you link a survey to an event a unique distribution link will be automatically created for that specific event. The unique distribution link means all responses to the survey accessed through that link will be consolidated together and viewable in a report.

How do the clinicians get this link?

If a survey is linked to an event the survey will be available to clinicians through their Med App. They will be able to view the survey by clicking on the event on their Guide screen or in the Events and CPD section of the app.

Can I access the distribution link to send outside of the event workflow?

Yes, once a survey has been linked to an event, the event distribution will be visible in the survey's details page, from which you can copy the unique URL. You can identify the unique distribution for your event from the 'Distributed By' column, which details the name of the event you created.

How do I view the responses to the survey?

You can view the responses from the events section of the dashboard by clicking into the event of interest, which takes you to the Event Details page, where you will see the tab for 'Surveys' in the top right. This is where you will also be able to see the responses for the survey linked to that event.

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