We call the tiles that appear on the main screen of the app 'Categories'. They help group relevant bits of content together so clinicians can access it faster and know where to find information when they go from one hospital to another (content changes, tiles don't).

How we choose them?

We selected the tile names by asking junior clinicians how they would logically group them, then agree on a name that defines that group. Voila, we have our categories!

Can we change them?

Yes and no. We want the app to be consistent and easy to navigate whether you are in NSW, QLD, NZ or Canada. It reduces cognitive load and improves the time it takes to onboard new clinicians

This is why you can't rename or create new custom tiles via the dashboard.

If we can improve the way people access information in the app, we will always make updates and improvements to the app.

The Full List of Available Categories

Here is the full list of categories. You can have them turned on or off at your account depending on which ones you need/use.

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