You can create bookmarks to more efficiently find and view data in the Calendar View. Watch the video below for a visual representation of how this is configured.


You have the option to configure/filter the Calendar View on three levels:

  • Calendar view settings (layout, order, timeline preference, grain, measure(s), bar measure(s), and hierarchy)

  • Filter media data (organizations, plans, media types, media vehicles, tags, and more)

  • Filter date range (custom range)

Once you've achieved the configuration you want to save, click the star sign located at the top right corner of the calendar view, next to the date range. Enter a name and choose to include date range in bookmark, if one has been selected.

You can find all your previously created bookmarks under the same section

In order to delete a bookmark, choose the bookmark (it will be highlighted in blue), then click the trash can symbol.

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