Whether you just tried our demo account, started the free trial or having already a Mentionlytics account, the first page you will view once you login to your account is the Overview page. The Overview page is actually an overall of your data.

Important things to have a look at:

  • Date Selector - By default, you will view last weeks' results. You can simply set the dates as you desire from the date selector at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Mention Trackers box - includes your tracker(s), keywords, and/or social profiles. From there you can select/deselect/add/edit/move/delete the desired tracker(s), keywords and/or social profiles.
  • Pie Charts - A pie graph of your positive & negative results and one with the mentions per channel. Just hover over both graphs to view the number every pie part represents.
  • Overview & Sentiment Analysis charts -  The Overview chart is presenting the number of mentions you have from each channel per day. The Sentiment Analysis chart shows positive, negative, and neutral results per day.
  • The latest mentions of each channel - This is just a small sample of your data in each channel. Clicking on the "See full report" button will guide you to your whole data.
  • Mentions World Map - It shows from which countries you have been mentioned. The more red a country is, the more results come from there. You can click on a country and a pop-up window will appear to view all the mentions from the country that you will choose.
  • Top Mentioners - Some of your Top Mentioners are included. You can see the full list by clicking on the button "See full report" or choose from the left menu the Top Mentioners tab.
  • Keyword Cloud - Words that are related to your main keywords and/or social profiles. The bigger a word is, the more it is used. You can also see hashtags and if you click on the checkbox "Hashtags Only" you will get just hashtags.

You can click on the Mentionlytics logo (top-left corner) to come back to the Overview page at any time. 

By hovering over the hamburger icon, the side menu bar will appear, to check all the Mentionlytics features! 

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