Tracking Number is the only way to track your package on a carrier. Before ship your shipment order, you can attach a tracking number of your order.

If you have a carrier integration, you can get a tracking number automatically. If you don't have a carrier integration, you can add tracking numbers to the orders.

The only way to attach a tracking number to your order is to go to the Fulfillment Pipeline screen.  On Ready To Ship board, you will see the 'Tracking Number' field:

When you click on it, a side-board will open, you can type a tracking number. When you've added, select the 'Save' button to save the change.

Edit a Tracking Number

If you need to edit a tracking number, click the order number. The same detail side-board will open, then you can edit the tracking number.

Tracking Number Rules

Tracking number entry is only possible for Ready To Ship orders, means that you cannot add a tracking number on Ready To Pack or Shortage orders. 

When you ship a Ready To Ship order with a tracking number, the tracking number can be seen on detail form of the order: 

Need more info? Watch our Fulfillment Pipeline demo:

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