How to Remove Inventory
A guide to removing inventory from Logiwa.
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Logiwa manages your inventory automatically, taking into account your purchase orders and shipment orders. But, if you want to decrease your inventory level manually, there's a convenient option for that as well.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Navigate to the Inventory by Location screen.

  • Find your product from the list of items with inventory. Select the 3 Dots menu from the same line and click Remove.

  • The Remove Inventory sidebar will open. For reference, you can see the recorded Warehouse, Client, Product, and Pack Type for this product.

  • You can now remove inventory with the Free Quantity field.

  • The number you enter here will be subtracted from the free quantity.

    • In the example, the free quantity is currently 3. If I put 2 in the field, 2 items will be removed, leaving 1 item left.

  • You can click Save to save your changes and exit at this time. You can also select the Plus signs to expand the Add Damage Reason and/or Add a Note sections. These allow you to add more information about why the product is being removed.

  • Add Damage Reason gives you the option of selecting from existing damage reasons or adding a new one.

  • To add a new damage reason, simply type it into the Damage Reason field. If the system does not recognize it, it will ask if you want to create this damage reason. Click Add New Damage reason to proceed.

  • The damage reason will now be available to select from the existing damage reasons.

  • The Add Note field allows you to put more information, up to 400 characters.

  • Click Save to record your changes. You will receive a confirmation message and the inventory will show the updated totals.

Removing Inventory Guidelines

You cannot remove more than the Free Quantity for a given product. Free quantity is the quantity available for sale. Removing more than this is prevented by Logiwa, so it does not interfere with already sold inventory quantities. If you try to remove more than the free quantity, you will receive an error.

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