How to Adjust Inventory

A guide to inventory adjustment.

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Adjustment is one of the inventory level changes allowed in Logiwa, along with the Add and Remove inventory functions. Adjusting inventory changes your base inventory level (free quantity) to what you typed as the new quantity. 

You can make either positive or negative inventory adjustments to increase or decrease inventory. Here are some sample scenarios of various kinds of inventory adjustment.

Step-by-Step Guide

Please note that this method only works with products that currently have inventory, as those without will not appear on this list.

  • Navigate to the Inventory by Location screen.

  • Find your product from the list of items with inventory. Select the 3 Dots menu from the same line and click Adjust.

  • The Adjustment sidebar will open. The Warehouse, Client, Product, and Pack Type will be shown for reference.

  • You can now adjust inventory by filling in the Free Quantity field. Whatever quantity you enter here will become the new inventory quantity for this item.

    • You can increase or decrease the number.

    • For example, if the free quantity is 10 and you write 20, the new free quantity will save as 20.

  • You can also expand Add a Note section to add more information for your records.

  • Once you've entered the necessary information, click Save to save your changes. You will receive a confirmation message if the inventory was adjusted successfully.

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