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Allow your donors to quickly make a donation from their mobile phone by texting GIVE or DONATE to your text message number!

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Have an event coming up and want to provide your donors a way to easily and quickly give from their phone? Is your recent fundraising campaign is coming to an end, and you want to drive urgency to capture those last minute-yet-crucial gifts?

Our bulk text messaging tools (including "text-to-give" and "text-to-pledge") are a perfect way to make sure those messages get set out on time, and to the right audience!

How does text-to-give work?

After your donors text "Give" or "Donate" to a number that corresponds to your Donor Management platform, they will receive an immediate text back with a link to the mobile version of whichever Everyday Giving or Essential Events page you've selected. (You also have the ability to change which page that number corresponds to, under your "Settings" tab.)

Your donor can then complete their donation, and the funds are then sent to you just like any other standard donation.

What's the difference between text-to-give and bulk text messaging? 

Bulk text messaging is for sending a message to your donors in a manner similar to an Email Blast - it's a message meant for multiple contacts, sent directly to your donor's phone.

Donors can then reply if they choose to, and that reply to the bulk message will be recorded in Donor Management. The person who sent the bulk message through Donor Management will also receive notifications of those replies via email.

The text-to-give gives existing donors and new donors the opportunity to quickly donate through your mobile-friendly Everyday Giving page. When donors or participants are ready to give, they can simply text your organization's unique ten-digit number - and the response they receive will include a link to your intended giving page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use text-to-give, text-to-pledge, or send bulk text messages, you will need to have text messaging enabled in your donor management account. If you have not completed this step yet, don't worry - we'll show you how to do this here.

How do I set up these texting capabilities in my Donor Management system?

You'll first go to "Settings" in your Donor Management system, and click on the option for "Your Organization."

Scroll down until you see the section called "Text-to-Give Settings".

Finally, select the Everyday Giving Campaign or Essential Events Campaign that you would like to direct your donors to after they text GIVE or DONATE.

You can select any of your active Everyday Giving pages, or active Essential Events pages. If you do not have any active pages, you will see a message with a link that will direct you to your Fundraising Page Dashboard so you can set up a corresponding page to link.

Please Note: The text-to-give can only be used for Essential Events pages that include added features, and cannot be used for Events Lite pages.

Can I select my own phone number for use with the bulk texting features?

We have two options available to register a phone number - you can either register a toll-free number, or register a local number (with a local area code) for an additional fee.

For more information on this updated registration process, please check out our corresponding guide here.

How do I instruct my donors to use the text-to-give feature?

You will have your own unique 10-digit phone number that you can promote on flyers, on the big screen at your event, in communications, or anywhere else you like. You can find this number under "Settings," in your Donor Management system, in the "Text-to-Give Settings" section. Your donors can text either "Give" or "Donate" so pick which one you prefer and get the word out!

What if I want to use a shortened phone number (i.e. less than 10 digits)?

Shortened phone numbers, or "short codes," aren't available for use with our text-to-give feature; this is because using a unique, 10-digit phone number allows your contacts to reply directly to the text messages that you send. It also helps many donors feel as if they're corresponding with a real person - and not an automated message.

Why don't I see text-to-give in my "Settings?"

If you do not see the option to set up the text-to-give or bulk texting functionality, it may not be a part of your subscription at this time. If you think you should have access, or if you would like to add the option to your subscription, you can contact our team at success@networkforgood.com, and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot.

Can I use the text-to-give feature for my event?

Yes, you can use the text-to-give feature for any live Essential Events page. However, this feature is not available for Events Lite pages. We have helpful guides on both types of pages, which will help in differentiating between the two.

For more information on Essential Events, please check out this guide.

For more information on Events Lite, please check out this guide.

Can my donors make a pledge by using the text-to-pledge feature?

Yes! Your donors can text the word "Pledge" to the same ten-digit number, and they will be able to create a pledge that will be automatically added to your Donor Management system.

Will my donors get a tax receipt after they use the text-to-give feature?

Yes, your donors will receive an emailed tax receipt immediately after they use the text-to-give feature.

Will any new donors be added to my Donor Management system through the text-to-give functionality, and will existing donors' contact records be updated with their new donation?

Yes! It doesn't matter if the donation was completed via mobile device or on a desktop - new donors will be added to your Donor Management system.

Additionally, existing donors' records will also be updated with any new donation made through texting. You'll just need to make sure that the email address the donor used to complete their online donation matches the email address you have listed for them in your system!

What happens if my donors do not want to receive text messages from my organization?

Your contacts do have the ability to stop receiving text messages, if they so choose. They can do so by replying to one of your messages with the following phrases:

  • STOP

  • QUIT




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